Perfect Fit Home Rentals, LLC - Quality Tenants for Quality Homes
Property Qualifications  

Perfect Fit does not collect its fee until after we produce a signed lease for you. All we ask in before we can begin advertising and showing your is a complete file on you. Your signed documents give us the legal right to perform any action regarding your property. 

We will need: 

  • Proof of ownership mortgage and HOA payment in good standing.
  • A property that needs no more than light rehabilitation such as refreshed flooring, painting, fixtures, cleaning, basic yard work, etc. (We can assist with this and repairs as well. Your option.)
  • A property with all systems and appliances working well or scheduled for repairs.
  • Permission from your Homeowners Association’s to lease if applicable. (Ask us about this.)
  • An owner who is comfortable with email the internet. We are an automated company that uses very little paper.    

Comparing our fees with others?  You should!  
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"Don't blame us when you can't find it for less."