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Careful! The cost of professional management can be tricky.   
For 24-hour monitoring of your  property, on-time rent collection and handling most tenant issues for you, we charge 10% of your monthly rent. Others may charge a lower percentage but be careful. You could spend more money with them in a year than you will with us. How is that possible?  Watch . . . . .  

A comparison based on a SAMPLE monthly rent of $1200 for 12 months. . . . 

Perfect Fit Home Rentals 
10% of $1200 (Your management fee: $120/mo.)  

$  600  (leasing fee) 
$1440  ($120 x 12 months = $1440)
$  150  renewal fee (if same tenant stays for another year) 
$2190  Total cost to you for a year with Perfect Fit.    

7% of $1200 (Your management fee: $84/mo)

$1200 (leasing fee - your first month's rent) PLUS . . .
$1008 ($84 x 12 months = $1008)
$  600 renewal fee (if tenant stays for another year) 
$2808 Total cost to you for a year with .  ($618/yr  MORE than Perfect Fit) 

1) Ask any company what their leasing, re-lease and renewal fees are. 
2) Add that total to 12 months of management fees to get your total cost. 
3) Compare their total cost to ours.  

Feel like you need to know more but don't know what to ask?  To see questions we've collected from other home owners Click.  

"Don't blame us when you can't find it for less."

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